Improving Your Money Luck in Feng Shui Way Using Wealth Area
Beside the most common and simple way of finding wealth position (see video below – 0:20), there is a more advanced method used by professional Feng Shui master, which is by using your house orientation/facing direction. 

How to find and determine your wealth position?

If you have engaged a Feng Shui practitioner before to do a residential fengshui audit, they will usually assist to find and determine your wealth position. But if you just want to find out your wealth position in your home on your own, all you need is a fengshui compass/luo pan to measure your house facing orientation and determine the wealth position.

We have come out with a table below for your reference after you have established your house orientation/facing direction. Stand in the centre of your house with the compass to determine your house facing direction and plot it on your layout plan to locate your wealth position.

Home Facing DirectionWeath Area Position
EastSoutheast, Northwest
Southeast West
Finally, after you have found your wealth are, here are some pointers to take note.

  1. Ensure that it is clean and clutterless
  2. Place a safe and coin box at the position (of course must put money inside)
  3. Do not place books, electrical appliances or shoes at the wealth position and more…

For more pointers, check out the video below.




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