Follow These Taboos To Avoid Attracting The Supernatural

Before you read on, you need to understand that Feng Shui is NOT about superstition or any supernatural. However, it does occasionally mention about the supernatural realm and what you should do to avoid attracting ghost or spirit to your house. These tips that I am going to share with you in this article should be applied to your home all year round, instead of just doing it during the lunar 7th month (There are also some other taboos to follow during the Ghost month)


4 Tips to Stay Away from the Supernatural Realm

1. Always keep your house well-lit

It is advisable to keep you house well-lit at all times and also open the windows to allow the energy flow to circulate. This also make your home filled with “Yang” energy. In terms of Feng Shui or Science, your health will definitely deteriorate if you stay in a dark room with dampish air flow. 

2. Praying to Figurine that has not been consecrated(开光)

Some people like to display a lot of figurines/dolls in their house and also worshipped to them with incense, even though it has not been consecrated. This is not favourable because you don’t know what you are attracting to reside in it. If you really want to display them, just showcase it and do not make any prayer or offerings to them.

3. Do not keep items that come from unknown sources

This is especially true for antique lovers who like to collect valuable ornaments that is believed to have ancient history background. You will need to take extra caution because you might not know that some of these items might has been buried before in the grave and accumulated a lot of “Yin” energy that is harmful to your house Feng Shui.


4. Avoid Hanging Lanterns in the house

It is unadvisable to hang lanterns, especially white ones in your house because in the ancient day, it is a Chinese tradition to use white lantern for mourning ritual, so it is an extremely unlucky omen to have one in your home.

Take note of the taboos above and stayed safe in this upcoming Ghost Month.



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