Counting down to Chinese New Year in 4 more days! You might have seen a lot of information posted everywhere aobut depositing money on Li Chun 立春 for good luck in the coming year, but the confusing part comes when some post mentioned 4 Feb is Li Chun, while some said otherwise that it is 5 Feb, so who is correct?

Li Chun of 2016 is starting at 4 Feb 2016, Thursday on 05:46pm, however it is believed that the sun is set around 5pm and the force is considered bad at that timing, so the Huat Procedure (depositing money into the bank) is best to be performed on 5 Feb 2016 instead.

Here is the auspicious timing on 5 Feb 2016 by Master Paw

Li Chun 2016

You can also refer to 8 Steps to HUAT in year 2016 on LICHUN by Master Paw (source: WAOBlog Asia)

If you are still a bit “Kia Su”, you might considered to deposit during these 2 days. Check out the auspicious timing to do banking on 4 Feb 2016.

Tips to take note during Li Chun to welcome good fortune in the upcoming year

1. Stay polite and no bad words for the day

2. Do not pay debt or withdraw money on this day

3. No argument for the day

One last question: Is Li Chun lucky deposits 
a myth? Here is the reply from 2 Fengshui masters

It is only a myth, two fengshui practitioners tell The New Paper on Sunday.

They say the trend started a few years ago when a chart was made, stating the auspicious hours to deposit money for good wealth throughout the year.

It soon caught on and now, it has become a tradition to deposit money on Li Chun.

Fengshui master Adelina Pang, 49, who has been in the industry for more than 18 years, says: “Someone invented this belief of depositing money on Li Chun for good wealth and now, it has become the talk of the town.

“Coincidentally, this year’s Li Chun has good stars, so it is a good day. But we cannot have the mindset that every year’s Li Chun will be good.”


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