3 Types of Chins That Bring You Prosperity and Longevity
According to Chinese face reading, it is believed that prominent and protruding chin is the key to enjoy good wealth, prosperity and longevity, while a receding or pointed one is a sign of bad fortune in your old age (61 – 75 yrs of age) and might even lead to premature death in some extreme cases. So let’s see the top 3 good chin shape.

1. Double Chin

In face reading, having a double chin is considered as an auspicious sign because it indicates good luck and happiness in the later part of one’s life. If you have double chin, congrats! It is believed that such people will enjoy good luck and long life in their later years. Beside that, they will also enjoy good relationships with their children. So don’t be offended when people told you that you have a double chin, be happy instead.

2. Square Chin

People with square chin tends to be someone with principle and sometimes can be very stubborn. They are very aggressive and have a entreprenant mindset, so once they set a goal, they will go all out to achieve it and in the end, they will be successful in business.

3. Small Rounded Chin

If you have such chin, especially for females, you tends to be a very forgiving and positive person who is good in relationship building. With this character, you have no problem dealing with family matters, so in your late age, you will enjoy family happiness and harmony and your children will be filial to you too.


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